our facility

Material handling

It's one thing to say you can fit a large part in you oven, it's another thing to say you can handle the large part safely. Getting your jobs from the truck onto the production floor and back on the truck safely, efficiently and with no damage to parts is something we take great care in. Able to handle everything from a motorcycle frame to parts weighing over 10,000 pounds, and runs of fence or railing  from hundreds to thousands of feet theres no job we can't take on for you. 

We're expanding!

We're proud to announce that as of January 2019 we've expanded our shop floor by 6000 square feet giving us over 15,000 square feet under one roof! In the expansion we're adding a whole new office and showroom, a second powder oven and booth, a totally new 5 stage wash system, a tire machine and balancer, a car lift and more! Stay in touch as we add to our facility to better serve you. 

Pick up and delivery

Time is valuable! For you convenience Platinum offers pick up and delivery service. Minimum job size and fees may apply. 

Testing and documentation

Some jobs require precise testing for coating and preparation. Platinum has certified equipment capable of testing wet and dry DFT measurements on ferrous and non ferrous substrates, surface profile, surface contaminate, as well as atmospheric and surface temperature testing. This allows us to meet the most stringent coating specs.